Water Treatment

Water treatment is one of Bosker's specialties. We build installations for drinking water and the purification of wastewater. For these specific areas within our industry,  we teamed up with Jones+Atwood/Jacopa, the absolute best when it comes to water treatment. By being a part of a worldwide network of specialised partners of this global company, we ensure that we have full access to the knowledge and experience of affilliated companies.This is important for our customers to know.

An assortment of the products we supply:

  • Screw Classifier Jones+Attwood
  • Jeta Grit Trap Jones+Attwood
  •  Hi-Flow Screen Jones+Attwood
  • Washpactor-Jet Jones+Attwood
  • Bache classfier Jones+Attwood
  • Washpactor Wave Jones+Attwood
  • Spiral Screen
  • Copa Cyclone
  • Copa SAF (Submerged Aerated Filter)
  • Band Screens Center Flow CF100 and CF200 Bracket Green
  • Travelling Band Screens Bracket Green


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